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<Enlightened Dark> is a casual, but serious raiding guild on the Blackhand (PvE) server. We are a guild full of laid back individuals that enjoy raiding and progressing in a casual time frame. Our definition of casual consists of doing things at our own pace and understanding the importance of real life events and emergencies. When we raid we expect our raiders to show up on time, be prepared, and to bring there "A" game. We are serious when it comes to raiding and are here to clear content and not waste what little time we have doing so. If you are 18+, have a good sense of humor, enjoy raiding and progressing at a casual rate in a serious raid environment then we might be the home you've been looking for!

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They call me...... SLACKER!

by fekransom, 55 days ago

Why? Because I'm a slacker, that's why! So we've seen some things and done some things.... killED some things....


Cenarius... What a punk!

Forum Image


Xavius... I hear he's even angry in his dreams... but.. now he can sleep forever.. am I right?

Forum Image


And yeah... I missed a few Heroic photo's... But one I did not forget because he was a pain in the dick! Anyone need a new rug? =D

Forum Image


And lastly... We're recruiting Ranged DPS and maybe a Resto Druid.

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Tiny Update

by Rowun_, 67 days ago

TEN Normal cleared.

TEN Heroics start Tuesday.

Always recruiting, apply here or in-game.

Members/Raiders please donate any extra mats for Flasks you have, it will help us all out.


That is all.


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Holy Shit!!!!

by fekransom, 78 days ago

We have been busy! We're off to a pretty solid start with The Emerald Nightmare. We're making our way through and are gonna start on Heroic next week. Great job everyone so far! We have some things to work on and some new faces in teh guild, but I know we'll work through the growing pains and keep owning some shit.


Here's what was pwnED this week!


Nyth? Fuck that bitch...

Forum Image


The Gyno? Fuck them stirrups!

Forum Image


Someone say something about some Renfro spider bitch?

Forum Image


So... bear season came early this winter boys...

Forum Image



Forum Image


And last but not least... We had a few brave guildies go test the waters in some Mythic Keystone dungeons.... Awesome job you guys!!!!

Forum Image


More to come... Keep it up everyone!!



Always recruiting!

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