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<Enlightened Dark> is a casual, but serious raiding guild on the Blackhand (PvE) server. We are a guild full of laid back individuals that enjoy raiding and progressing in a casual time frame. Our definition of casual consists of doing things at our own pace and understanding the importance of real life events and emergencies. When we raid we expect our raiders to show up on time, be prepared, and to bring there "A" game. We are serious when it comes to raiding and are here to clear content and not waste what little time we have doing so. If you are 18+, have a good sense of humor, enjoy raiding and progressing at a casual rate in a serious raid environment then we might be the home you've been looking for!

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Merger and Rape

by fekransom, 30 days ago

First, thanks Jon for your donation sir.


I would like to welcome Khanate to ED! Our 2 guilds merged together a few weeks ago and so far everything has been great and going smooth. We've downed a couple more bosses and have a good time doing so.


7.3 is hitting next week. This will bring new content, but no new raids quite yet. As of today we're 7/9H ToS and we'll have all night to focus on Avatar so I imagine he should die. I haven't added any screenshots in awhile and the ones I did have up have been killed by gay ass photobucket. Once we down KJ I will add screenshot of that.


Lastly, recruitment is always open, but for our core raiding group it's very slim and selective. Currently we're raiding with 25ish people so we're not hurting to add members right now. If you think you'd be an asset to us than I'm all ears. We're always welcoming social and casual players to join up and even go on our Sunday normal runs!


Keep up the good work all!

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Slacking at my best!

by fekransom, 47 days ago

I've been pretty lazy when it comes to updating our site. It seems people don't visit as much as they used too.


Looks like photobucket decided to kill all the kill screenshots we had up, bastards.



Small update - The guild has done a great job clearing content so far this expansion overall. We've cleared all Heroic and Normal content and even down a few Mythic EN bosses with low numbers during the NH tier. So far we've managed to stay Ahead of the Curve! We're progressing through ToS at a decent pace. 9/9 Normal and 5/9 Heroic with some close pulls to become 6/9.


And now to find another picture host........

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More updates from your local slacker

by fekransom, 208 days ago

Still whacking away at shit in NH weekly and getting plenty of shinies!


Grats everyone on helping us achieve 10/10 Normal - So far in Legion we're 20/20 Normal and 10/20 Heroic - We'll add to those Heroic numbers moving forward as we shift our focus back to Heroic raiding. We plan on going back into ToV to complete Heroic mode there as well as pushing Nighthold of course.


Still recruiting Ranged DPS! 870+ Required - 880+ preferred


And now I present you with a few trophy's! (missing Elisandre =X)


Normal Star

Forum Image


Normal Tichondrius

Forum Image


Normal Botanist

Forum Image


Normal Gul'dan

Forum Image



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